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Meetings are now held at Telarah Bolwing Club located at Clark Street, Telarah. View Map

For many years now the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area has been renowned for its high avicultural activity. It's known all around that when birds are wanted the Hunter Valley is the place to go.

The Hunter Valley Avicultural Society Inc was formed to fill a void in the area and enable aviculturalists in the area to meet and learn more about their hobby. It is undeniable that when bird people get together they are apt to talk about their experiences in the aviaries at great length, this no doubt helps to spread valuable information and useful hints and that is what our society is all about - AVICULTURE !

Every endeavour has been made to make the monthly meetings of general appeal and interest. We have an excellent programme where both local and interstate guest speakers are presented mothly, along with a very informative H.V.A.S. magazine produced for our members. The society encourages men, women and juniors from all walks of life to join. Over the years a library has been established for the convenience of our members and a very well stocked sales table is in operation..

Our bird sale is another aspect of the Hunter Valley Avicultural Society which came about to meet the needs of local breeders to sell excess stock. It attracts both sellers and buyers from all over the state and also interstate and is now a very important - and social - event on the calendar of the Hunter Valley Avicultural Society Inc.

We must never forget the success of our bird breeders society lies in our hands. If we all play a part, look after the birds we have, share the rewards and failures, we will be rewarded with a wealth of avicultural knowledge that will take us far into the future of aviculture.